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 a bit about me

I'm a big lover of colour, glitter, candles, handmade things and I'm happiest sipping coffee (see picture to the left). My perfect day off is visiting Columbia Road flower market to grab some more plant babies, getting brunch and browsing craft markets!


In 2019, I had an a typical 9 to 5 office job as a graphic designer. This meant I didn't have much time away from a computer screen. It then started to impact my mental health, so to help remedy this, I started to paint and make concrete homewares in my spare time. Using my creative juices again really helped my wellbeing - that's what inspires me and my Kits. Sharing the healing powers of craft, one kit at a time!

 my process

Everything is handmade by me in my East London home. I source everything as close to home as I can, by using UK based businesses. Also, supporting as many other small businesses to supply my packaging, stickers and other bits. 

Oh yeah, all my packaging is either reused, recycled or recyclable! I always recommend you to reuse or recycle after you've received your order too. It's the least we can do to help out our planet, so easy and simple!

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