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Create Your Own Concrete Homewares

Lockdown 3 is about half way through - perhaps? We never quite know anymore what is going to happen. But from this, I have been able to help give some craft therapy and make my customers feel artsy with my Create Your Own kits.

The Tealight Holder kit in all its glory...


It's a easy, fun and mindful activity to do with your kids or even get together on Zoom with your pals and do a craft party. The kits include everything you need to make 2 pieces, whether that's the trays or tealight holders. The moulds and measuring jugs included in both kits are also reusable and made from silicone - so you can make as many pieces as you please!! I'm going to release a kit supplies section on my shop, so you can buy refills of cement mix, paints, glitters and other types of moulds to play with. Basically, once you learn the basics of this craft - the possibilities are endless!

Here is a customer pic of their gorge creations from the Tealight Holder kit:


It's even been featured in Stylist Loves! I mean, if that's not a huge seal of approval, then I don't know what is. It has been mentioned as Make Town's product, but they are my stockist - the product is fully CED! Here's the feature:


So proud! Been a huge dream of mine, which seemed to be out of reach to be honest. But now, its happened and I am so grateful for everyone's support and love for these kits. More varieties of kits shall be released this year. Let's make time for some more craft and self care, by making it a habit that we adopt outside of lockdowns too.

Have a fab day,

Chloesha x