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January Lockdown getting you blue?

Don't let this sudden lockdown announcement make you give up positive vibes or hope for the year ahead. Let's take this time to be mindful and get creative.


So the first lockdown inspired me to put together my Create Your Own Kits. This was off of the idea that I was supposed to start up IRL workshops last year. But obviously, our lil nemesis of Covid got in the way of that dream!

The point of my kits are to encourage creativity and positivity, so you can craft whilst stay happy and healthy from home. Crafting has helped my own mental health and well being so much that I wanted to be able to share that with you all. Let me help bring some positive hobbies into your life and let's get through this!

“It is fairy dust and wanderlust that guide our hands to create what our hearts desire.” - Gayle Wray

This quote has always made me think that crafts have healing powers. By getting creative and making things, we can bring our dreams to life and into physicality. How cool is that?!

Artwork courtesy of Pinterest.


Create Your Own Concrete Homewares at home

I wouldn't be a indie boss babe without some convenient product placement, would I! So here you go, the craft kits in all their glory!

The Concrete Tray Kit:

The Concrete Tealight Holder Kit:

Click the pics to take you to the product description pages for more info and details!

Why do I need a kit for this time?

THE perfect lockdown activity without a doubt. I have had so man