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Chloesha Ellen Designs

Concrete Soap Dish

Concrete Soap Dish

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This beautiful handmade Concrete Soap Dish is handmade from concrete and pigments to achieve a soft colour and marbled design. It's a perfect splash of colour to your home decor, in the bathroom and kitchen.

The soap dish is sanded and sealed by hand to make it water-resistant and has a satisfyingly smooth finish. It also has three drainage holes in the centre to keep your soap dry and make it last for longer. 

All products are carefully hand-poured in Chloesha's Leytonstone home, making each piece 100% unique.



  • 11.1cm x 15cm x 2.5cm


How to care for me:

All handmade concrete soap dishes are waterproof sealed. 

To ensure product longevity, every now and again remove your soap from its concrete dish and any water that is left sitting in the bottom of the dish. It could damage your dish - and your soap!
Take care not to knock your dish against other hard

surfaces, as the concrete can chip.


Additional Information:

Due to the natural material of concrete, some pieces may have a few air bubbles when made. It’s these minor imperfections that make each product unique and perfectly imperfect!

Also, because each product is handmade and is one of a kind, there is no guarantee of an exact match to the colours shown in the images. 

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